Bottle Release ~Glass Eyes~ at Kelly Green

Pitman: Bottle Release ~Glass Eyes~ is happening at Kelly Green Brewing Co.

Ed from Kelly Green Brewing Co. said on Saturday, January 27 from 12:00 am to

On Saturday January 27th at Noon we will be releasing our newest bottle from our funky and weird cellar that feeds our Small Batch Series.

~Glass Eyes~ a pink hued Saison brewed with wheat, aged hops, fermented and aged in wine barrels with our house mixed culture. Once mature, we conditioned the beer on gobs of gloopy, luscious and decadent Cherry and Plum purée before being packaged in 750mL bottles and allowed to naturally carbonate for many months. The finished product is effervescent, stunningly pinkish-red in color, fruity, spicy and acidic with a Jekyll and Hyde finish that can’t decide if its fruity sweet or bone dry, but is endlessly refreshing.
**260** bottles of Glass Eyes were packaged in 750ml bottles for sale @ $20/bottle ~ limit 6 bottles/person.**

More information can be found at at this link. $2 off 64 oz growler fills, $1 off 32 oz growler fills & 10% off merchandise for NJCB Members at 154 South Broadway, Pitman.

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