Bottle Release: Pecher 2018 at Kelly Green

Pitman: Bottle Release: Pecher 2018 is happening at Kelly Green Brewing Co.

Ed from Kelly Green Brewing Co. said on Saturday, April 7 from 12:00 pm to

This Saturday April 7th at Noon we will be releasing bottles of the 2018 batch of ~PECHER~ Our mixed fermentation barrel aged Peach Saison.

Pecher is brewed with wheat, rye, and aged hops then fermented and aged in wine barrels with our house mixed culture. After maturation in oak is complete, we referment the beer on 2lbs/gallon of fresh, fuzzy, juicy, overripe peaches exclusively from our pals at Duffield’s Farm . The resultant beer is highly effervescent, fruity, tart, with an underlying sweetness to round it out. We are super happy with this years batch, which received about 25% more peaches than last years.
**$20/750mL bottle ~ limit 6 bottles/person.**

More information can be found at at this link. $2 off 64 oz growler fills, $1 off 32 oz growler fills & 10% off merchandise for NJCB Members at 154 South Broadway, Pitman.

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