Bradley Brew Project Tapping Event

Haskell: Bradley Brew Project Tapping Event is happening at Kitchen & Beer Bar

Joe from Kitchen & Beer Bar said on Thursday, September 5 from 04:00 pm to 12:00 am

Bradley Brew Project Tapping Event

Join us as Bradley Brew Project comes to Haskell for this 12 beer event.

Bradley Brew Project – inspired and approachable.

We are a nanobrewery with a vision to provide a community focused, education based customer experience. Our unique approach on recipe formulation and focus on assorted fermentation processes provide us with the opportunity to create various types styles, products and services.

Our goals are to foster consistency through our flagship beers while providing new customer experiences by changing our available products regularly. Each time you walk through the door, you have a choice of enjoying a favorite BBP brew or to try a new beer further expanding your beer experience and knowledge. Our open and free-flowing tasting room allows you to interact with members of the local community, to chat about beer with BBP employees and enjoy your time spent in Bradley Beach.

Fully owned and operated by husband and wife duo, Chelsey and Mike, Bradley Brew Project fits the pure definition of small business, community supporter and local employer. Stop by for a beer – we’ll save you a seat!


Tap List:

1) Unicorn Girls (DDH Galaxy) Juicy + Approachable (Hazy Pale Ale)
5.4% ABV
Perfectly approachable with floral, strawberry and melon notes and a notable hop finish. Our beloved house American Pale Ale is hazy and soft from oats, wheat, lactose and a double dry hop dose of Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic and Huell Melon hops. Fermented with a blend of unique yeast strains for added flavor and depth. SPECIAL BATCH: This version is double dry hopped with 6.5lbs / BBL and highlights the pungent, fruit forward and elusive Galaxy hop.

2) John Crisp + Simple (South German Pilsner)
4.9% ABV
Crisp, dry and simple – this German Pilsner delivers like the man it’s named after. A no thrills grist of traditional European Pilsner malt is balanced by a light touch of Magnum bittering and Tettnanger flavoring hops. Fermented cold with German yeast, it’s then lagered (stored cold) for a few weeks before hitting your glass. This beer can pass as the literal definition for “go to beer” – we’re pretty happy with how this one turned out and we’re sure John would have liked it too.

3) Girl, I Love You Strawberries + Cream (Strawberry Milkshake Double IPA)
8.2% ABV
Bright, creamy and fruity – our Strawberry Milkshake IPA is brewed with a plethora of oats, wheat and lactose and fruit forward, pungent Citra and Mosaic hops. It’s conditioned on split vanilla beans and gallons of Strawberry puree from our friends at Maeberrie Market for an insanely crushing experience at a high ABV.

4) Cleaning, Doing Laundry or Making Beer Dark + Roasty (Session Stout)
4.2% ABV
Roasted coffee, dark cocoa and caramel flavors and aromas – memorable stout in a low-ABV format meant to be enjoyed while taking care of all things life. Our alternative to low-ABV Session IPAs, our Session Stout leaves your taste buds intact while debunking “stouts are too strong for me” myths.

5) It’s My Pleasure (Blackberry and Grapefruit) Dark Fruit + Citrus (Fruited Pale Ale w/ Gluten-free Ingredients)
5.8% ABV
This light yet flavorful pale ale is brewed with gluten-free ingredients including sorghum, honey and lactose. Propped up by fruit-forward and juicy Mosaic hops, it’s dry hopped with more Mosaic and conditioned on blackberry and grapefruit purée. Please note that while this beer is made with gluten-free
ingredients, it is brewed using the same equipment as our other gluten-full beers.

6) Pinky Fruity + Bubbly (Rosé-style Saison)
4.9% ABV
Dry, fruity and pink – yes, you read right, this is a Rosé-style bubbly Saison! It gets its gorgeous pink hue and flavor from the addition grape must and real hibiscus flowers. Brewed with pilsner and vienna malt, wheat and oats and hopped with the noble Tettnanger, it’s carbonated higher than typical beers for a full-on champagne-like experience.

7) We Playing (Raspberry Lemonade Sour)
6% ABV
Easy drinking, tart and fruity – a typical grain mash gets an overnight kettle sour treatment with our House Blend of Lactobacillus that creates an easy drinking, subtle tartness. This version is brewed with lemon peel, honey, vanilla and raspberry puree from our friends at Maeberrie in Avon, NJ

8) Thinking About Ridiculous Place (Kölsch)
5% ABV
Crisp, clean and bright – Kölsch is a hybrid brew in that it’s fermented at ale temperatures and then lagered (lagern = to store in German) for an extended period of time. Our Kölsch is brewed with German hops which date back more than 100 years and present with a flowery and spicy aroma. Originally brewed in Köln, Kölsch is a protected name within the EU and can only be used to describe a beer brewed within 50km of the city and one that is true to its original style.

9) First (Farmhouse Ale – Saison)
8% ABV
We started this beer by “washing” the inside of our Foeder using Barrel-finished Gin from Asbury Park Distilling. We then fermented and aged this Saison in the Foeder for nine months. A month before bottling, we conditioned half of the batch on ten gallons of Blackberry purée made by Maeberrie Market. The remaining half will be blended for next year’s anniversary (and the process will repeat annually). Aromas and notes of oak, gin, floral tones, dark fruit and subtle dry bitterness.

10) Let’s Do it Girlfriend (Farmhouse Ale – Saison)
5% ABV
Crisp, dry and funky – our farmhouse Saison is brewed with a straight forward grain and hop base and then fermented with a blend of Saison and Belgian yeast. We have two rotating versions: one conditioned with lemongrass and rosemary and one without (this version was keg conditioned and carbbed) – ask our beertenders which one is on tap.

11) Oh Snaps! (Ales for ALS) (Pale Ale – American)
5.3% ABV
Easy going, crushable and uniquely flavorful – this version of our SMaSH (Single Malt and Single Hop) Hoppy Pale Ale is brewed in partnership with the good people of Ales for ALS. North American malt (2-row), the 2019 ALS hop blend (showcasing Northwest Pacific hops) and Chico yeast make this brew straight up ‘Merican. Bright and subtle tropical fruit flavors with a warm biscuit backbone. Proceeds from this beer will be donated to Ales for ALS – raise a glass and support a good cause!


Stop in for a beer or two!

See you soon!

More information can be found at at this link. The Kitchen & Beer Bar offers 10% off the entire bill at 1093 Ringwood Ave, Haskell.

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