Brew Jersey

New Jersey: Brew Jersey is a collaboration to benefit New Jersey’s craft beer industry and the beer drinkers including NJCB Members. So what is Brew Jersey?

Brewed for A Single Purpose: To fix a Broken System.

New Jersey breweries are facing unprecedented challenges. Harsh rules recently imposed on breweries jeopardize each small businesses’ livelihood as well as the future of craft beer in the Garden State. Restrictions on tasting room events, private parties, food, television programing, and live music are making it harder for breweries, not only to grow, but to survive. Each day that these rules persist, New Jersey breweries are stripped of their ability to compete in the marketplace and the opportunity to create and innovate in their industry.

It’s clear that these rules, supposedly meant to “balance interests”, are not balanced at all. New Jersey’s craft beer industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last decade, only to see it now systematically stifled by artificial and arbitrary limits. These regulations stand to serve the purpose of some, but clearly not those who matter to us the most: craft beer fans everywhere!

​New Jersey’s antiquated and complicated state alcohol system is at the root of these issues. We, the Brewers Guild of New Jersey, believe we have the solutions to fix these issues and ask that you support us in our efforts.

how you can help as a beer drinker and/or NJCB member?

Brew Jersey is a call to action for all Craft Beer supporters as well as a way to let elected officials know that the laws need to be changed so New Jersey breweries can once again grow and thrive within the state. You, the craft beer supporter, are our priority. To serve you, The Brewers Guild Of New Jersey is supporting a package of state legislation created to address and rescind specific provisions of recent restrictions that have caused New Jersey breweries months of financial hardship and struggle.

Stay tuned in December 2022 for updates on how you can support this campaign

For now, visit for more info!

how you can help as a brewery?

We invite New Jersey Breweries and Breweries Nationwide to participate in this collaboration and show their support for New Jersey Craft Beer. At its core, the Brew Jersey collaboration aims to do four important things:





Visit for more details and to sign up

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