Brew on Premise at love2brew

Our friends at love2brew have put together a great way to brew with them!

Brew on Premise at love2brew!

Brewing Beer is a fun, simple, and easy activity that can be done here at love2brew as well as your home!  Whether you are a complete novice looking to have someone guide you through the process, an experienced brewer looking to take your skills to the next level, or someone who just needs to utilize our equipment to brew a large batch in a short amount of time our facilities are equipped to provide you with an amazing brew on premise experience.

What is Brew on Premise?

Brew on Premise is when you come into your local love2brew location to brew beer using love2brew equipment.  All brewing on premise sessions include ingredients, personal instruction (if requested, not mandatory for experienced brewers), water, fermentation vessels and fermentation of the beer in our temperature controlled fermentation rooms.  After the beer has completed fermentation you will return to bottle your beers on a predetermined date and then take them home to enjoy!  All ingredients, time, instruction, bottles/caps, etc. are included in the initial price; there are no hidden or additional fees!  Even better is there is all of the fun without the mess; we do all of the clean up, prep work, and sanitation so you can focus on the brew!

Why brew at love2brew?

There are many reasons people like to brew on premise instead of their home depending on the individual.  Reasons include ranging from the desire for personal instruction, lack of space at home, use of our professional grade equipment, a day to hang out with friends, events and parties, and most importantly because they want to!  love2brew also offers a completely unique take on the Brew on Premise; patrons can have the option of the traditional brew on premise where love2brew ferments and holds your brew or the unique option of taking your brew home with you as well as a Complete Equipment Kit at an incredibly discounted price!

Scheduling an Appointment to Brew on Premise

Getting started is as easy as calling your local love2brew store to make an appointment!  (1.888.654.5511)  It is recommended that you try and book your appointment a minimum of one week ahead of time; however the earlier the better.  Available times may be found on our Calendar of Events but you will need to call ahead to confirm that the time has not already been booked.  Each brew day will require you to block off about 2.5 hours of your personal schedule for your brew day.  Each session may have up to four attendees, giving you a great opportunity to brew with friends!  Reservations should be booked a minimum of two weeks ahead of time.

love2brew has joined the NJCB membership club and offer %5 off any products to NJCB cardholders.  love2brew is located at  1583 Livingston Ave, Unit #2 in North Brunswick, online, on Facebook and on Twitter too.

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