Brewers Guild Battleship Festival

CAMDEN: This comes in from the Brewers Guild.

Our 19th Anniversary with the biggest turnout yet — 20+ NJ Breweries aboard the USS Battleship NJ.   Music by the Cabin Dogs.  Food available for purchase.  Ticket includes free self-guided tour of the nation’s most decorated ship and collectible sample glass.  VIP tickets get in one hour early and allow you to try a range of special beers that may run out before main session starts.

Tickets are on sale now for the 2015 event! RSVP on Facebook also! We have started to compile what we know about the breweries and brewpubs and the beers that will be available. One of our Members asked about DD tickets and there are $20 tickets available at the door and it includes water and the entrance but not beer.

UPDATE as of June 18

We were just told that this event is a ticketed event. There will be tickets for each ticketholder for 15 4oz pours. There will be additional tickets available and will cost $5 for 3 5 more tickets. This is part of the agreement between the NJ ABC and the Brewers Guild.

UPDATE as of June 25

We were just sent this from Flounder Brewing!

Official statement from the Guild was just released:
Thanks for buying tickets–all 700+ (and counting) of you! It’s going to be a great event with a record 28 breweries. There is also the Tall Ships festival taking place right there, so we’ll be treated to seeing these historic boats sailing on the river all day. We’ll send some more specifics out tomorrow but we wanted to take a minute to answer a couple of questions that have come up.

If you were at prior Battleship Fests, this will be a little different in how it operates. Last year as it was putting together its Beer Festival Regulations, the ABC worked with the Guild to come up with a special Festival permit to allow us to promote our own festivals. Part of the requirement was for us to manage attendee consumption. It was agreed that attendees would be allowed 15 4oz. samples (as opposed to unlimited 2 oz. samples). That’s the equivalent of 5 12oz beers. Because someone may choose to not finish some samples, we are also allowed to sell extra sample tickets (5 for $5). Attendees for the sold out VIP session will have 10 extra tickets as part of their purchase price.

This is how festivals are run in most parts of the country and it tends to make for more mindful–and relaxed–consumption as opposed to getting in line after line to get 2oz. samples. Because the sample sizes are twice as large, there should be shorter lines, giving you time to interact with the many brewers who will be in attendence. That’s what one of the great things that makes our festival different–the actual brewers are there.

We’re using a new ticketing system this year and this sampling information didn’t get posted right away, so some of you purchased tickets without knowing this. If you have concerns or are unhappy with the new festival format, we’ll be glad to issue a refund. Please contact us through Ticketleap and we’ll make it happen.

We only had a few questions about this but we wanted to make sure everyone understood prior to going to the event.

BEER as of June 26


  • NJ Beer Co – Dry Hopped Weehawken Wee Heavy
  • Demented Brewing – Litha (Citra American Wheat Ale) with pineapple.
  • Third State – Irish Tenth Imperial Stout
  • Flounder – a braggot brewed as a collaboration with East Coast Yeast that’s a blend of an Orange Wheat and a 2 year old mead.
  • Kane – A Night To End All Dawns.


  • NJ Beer Co – 1787 Abbey Single & LBIPA
  • Flounder Brewing
  • Hearthstone Grille – Souless (Ginger Ale) & Black Cobra (Black IPA)
  • Angry Erik Brewing
  • Birravino
  • Brix City Brewing – Gloria & KTK Double IPA
  • Cape May Brewing
  • Carton Brewing – Dune Fruit & Tharsis
  • Cricket Hill
  • Demented Brewing – Double Dementia (DIPA) & Scarlet Night (American Red Ale)
  • Flounder Brewing
  • Flying Fish Brewing Co
  • Forgotten Brewing
  • Glasstown Brewing
  • Iron Hill
  • Kane Brewing – Head High, Cortijo and Mexican Brunch
  • Little Dog Brewing
  • Lunacy
  • Rinn Duin Brewing
  • River Horse
  • Ship Inn
  • Spellbound Brewing
  • Third State Brewing –  West Jersey Pale & London Tenth Red
  • Triumph Brewing
  • Tuckahoe Brewing
  • Tun Tavern
  • Village Idiot


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  1. I’m a little confused about the Update posted on June 18th. If I’m reading it correctly as a ticket holder I am being limited to a certain number of pours??? I spent $55 for one ticket, after I’ve reached the allowed number I have to pay more money to continue to taste more beer??? Can someone clarify this for me?


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