BrewHorn, a new tasting app


We love the NJCB Members and one of you have developed an app called BrewHorn. The founder of BrewHorn, Joe, says

BrewHorn empowers consumers to find new craft beers that are a great match to their personal taste profile.

To expand, Joe sent over this line.

While my initial thought is to aim it at newer consumers (ones on the fence for craft beer or those just starting out), as a beer geek it actually has helped me hone in on my preferences for bitter, malt, mouthfeel, and sour. Experimenting with profiling beers helped me lock in those preferences.

All consumers who are looking for help have to go on is review sites or uncertain recommendations from other people. The issue is these are all about someone else’s preferences and biases. Plus I am beginning to hear more and more from beer geeks who are tiring of the rating practice as a means to find beers.

We’re asking you to give BrewHorn a shot as fellow NJCB Member and New Jersey resident! Below are some screenshots to help you see what it looks like too!

Match Screen Profile the Beer Your Taste Profile

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