Brewing Appreciation: Introduction to Homebrewing at Burlington County College

One of our loyal NJCB Members sent over this information for an event that Rich is running.

New Jersey Craft Beer card-carrying member Rich Palmay will once again be teaching “Brewing Appreciation: Introduction to Homebrewing” at Burlington County College’s Culinary Center in Mt. Holly, N.J. on October 17 (Wed., 7-10p). If anyone you know wants to understand the basics of getting started in homebrewing and are in the Burlington County area, please tell them to enroll online at  $89 for the class and $20 for the text:  “The Complete Homebrew Beer Book,” by Philly homebrewing legend George Hummel of Home Sweet Homebrew.  So far, Rich reports, he’s only had guys take the class; he’d would love to have some aspiring women homebrewers attend this session!  It’s only next week, so be sure to sign up today and reserve your spot if you’re interested.  Questions?  Drop him a line at Cheers!

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