California NO IPA Day (Philly Beer Week) at Uno Hamilton

Hamilton: California NO IPA Day (Philly Beer Week) is happening at Pizzeria UNO Hamilton

Sean from Pizzeria UNO Hamilton said on Friday, June 2 from 05:00 pm to 12:30 am

Some of the best non-IPAs from 4 of the best out West.

The Bruery
Share This Mole
So Happens Its Tuesday
Humulus Terreux Mosaic

High West-ified BBA Coffee Stout
Willet Whiskey Barrel Stout
David Murray Scotch Ale
Cappucino Stout

The Lost Abbey
Cuvee de Tomme
My Black Parade
Serpent Stout
Gift of The Magi

Speedway Mokasida
Speedway Nibs & Beans
and no more…

More information can be found at Uno is located at 225 Sloan Ave in Hamilton.  Here’s a link to their site. NJCB Members get their Happy Hour specials ALL DAY LONG in the bar area! Enjoy that, you know you will!

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