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cape may brewing company

After tasting a Cape May IPA while at Cabanas on Friday night, I made it a point to visit Cape May Brewery the following day.  Tucked away in a non-descript building inside the Cape May County airport, you will find a no-frills brewery turning out some wonderful beer. The brewery is a 3-man operation that looks poised to grow very soon. Bob did a great job ddescribing the operation and showing people around, Chris was pouring the beers and changing the taps and was very knowleable while Ryan, Bob’s son, was out pounding the pavement. The brewery currently had three selections to sample; the Cape May IPA, a Wheat beer and an Experimental beer which is exacy what the name suggests. It’s one that was made at the end of the week and a way to clear the shelves of left over supplies. It had a nice chocolate and coffee taste which may not be repeated. My growler kicked the keg on that one. The brewery is certainly not loaded with bells and whistles but they do have growlers and beer glasses for sale as well as hats and t-shirts. But if you want to visit a brewery because you like beer, you’ll enjoy this stop, and their beer. They are the only brewery in Cape May County (not for long, others in pre-production) and are relatively unknown, for now, their own backyard.

Call ahead or email and reserve a tour Saturdays and you’ll be able to say you saw them when. They are going to expanding soon and when certain zoning and legal obligations are taken care of, I’m sure it will become a much different place but for now, with the homemade equipment and small scale, you feel like you are in somone’s basement doing a home brew and that’s a pretty neat feeling.
Cape May Brewing Company’s site is here.  Check it out.

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