Carton at The Shep

Haledon: Joe from The Shep sent us over the following info about their Carton event set for Thursday, July 16.

15 beers on tap:

Boat, 077xx, Carton of Milk Nitro, Regular Coffee Nitro, SS Kentucky, Irish Coffee, Waynes Way, Pumpkin Cream Scobeyville, Intermezzo, Carton Canyon, Wit Whale, Wiscovation, Tharsis, Dune Fruit, and GORP

Check out the The Shepherd & Knucklehead online, on Twitter or their more active Facebook page.  The Shepherd & Knucklehead is located in Haledon at 529 Belmont Avenue. Fans get a deal if you are a NJCB Member. 10% off beer!

carton brewing, atlantic highlands

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