Carton Brewing, an video interview and behind the scenes photos

carton brewing, atlantic highlands

Recently I stopped by Carton Brewing in Atlantic Highlands to shoot pictures and watch Jesse, Augie and Chris brew their pilot batch of beer.  Jeff Linkous welcomed me into the brewery and put me to work.  It was a great opportunity to partner up with such a great guy and beer lover.   Tune into the Beer-Stained Letter interview I hosted featuring Jesse, the brewmaster and Augie, one of the owners of Carton.  You may see a few cameos also.

Here are a few insider pictures of the brewing process, the Boat Beer, a delicious hopped up Kolsh ale and tap handle pictures as well.  Get ready for this guys, it’s going to be great!

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4 thoughts on “Carton Brewing, an video interview and behind the scenes photos”

  1. I'm really excited to visit my home in Monmouth County and find two brewing companies there when I return….and happy as hell to see Twin Light doing nicely…

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