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I got an exclusive preview of Carton Brewing’s beers and a tour of the brewery the other day.  I stopped in to the brewery in Atlantic Highlands and walked into a gutted, torn up beautiful building.  The old brick and wood is covered in dust and building materials.  I met with Jesse, the head brewer and Augie, the business side of the trio (Chris wasn’t available) and got a quick tour.  You can see a few pictures below.  The building is being renovated now.  The tasting room is going to be great and the beers will be too.  Carton is working on their goto beer whose working title is The Boat.  I was lucky and thankful enough to try a few variations of the session IPA.  Yup, I said it, an IPA / Kolsch hybrid of sorts.  Session drinkability for those summer days when you want something with flavor but low alcohol that you can throw back 10 at a clip.  Great product so far and I’m excited to see how it comes up.  I also tried a few more samples of their other beers.  All good stuff.

There’s not much on their website, but they officially can brew beer, but they are waiting on the town for final permissions to get everything installed, but the building needs to be renovated first and that is ongoing.  Oh, Carton wants to can their beers too.  Yup, CAN!  That would be a first for NJ breweries.  It’s not confirmed yet, but it’s the way they want to go.

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  1. And I only made one typo after having 12 Boats!! Hahah. Just kidding. I live in Hilton Head Island now, am a RedHook Stone Hammer IPA because Carton Brewery has not made a play to buy out Hilton Head Island (Tastes Like Dog Shit Unless Nate Dibble is brewing and Carton Brewery for the record has no expressed no interest just my dream).

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