Carton at Maloney’s

maloney's matawan pub and grill

According to a recent email from Maloney’s… (scroll all the way down for the tap list)

Thursday 01.09.2014 is

Carton Brewing Night…

carton brewing, atlantic highlands

Join us and welcome Chris and Augie Carton, and brewer Jesse Ferguson on Thursday January 9th.

It’ll be an evening of stimulating beers, and

equally stimulating conversation.


Having decided they had something to contribute to the very exciting conversation going on in craft brewing, cousins Chris and Augie Carton teamed up with their favorite home brewer, Jesse Ferguson, and started Carton Brewing. In the seashore community where they were born and raised, the Carton boys found a turn-of-the-century red brick warehouse and adapted it to accommodate a state-of-the-art brew house. With Jesse at its helm, Six East Washington Avenue was turned into an independent craft brewery and their hats were in the ring. Applying a passion for stimulating flavor to inspiration found all around them, they set about their goal: to make tasty beer in the place their tastes were formed.


Carton Night Taps…

Tippy Staff Sour





Milk Stout Nitro

Red Rye Returning



Carton Canyon

Wit Whale


Maloney’s Pub & Grill is located at 119 Main Street in Matawan.  Make sure you sign up for the Membership Club and save 15% off your food orders all the time!

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