Carton vs Stillwater Artisanal, a rap battle

What would you do if you made the only pale ale on Beer Advocate’s Top 50 under 4.5%,  named it Boat, and another brewer in your class, a DJ, put out a lager with the same description and named it Yacht? 

Fans of Carton Brewing suggested calling a lawyer. Owner Augie Carton said, “I’ll treat it like the greats do when someone bites a rhyme,” and wrote his track over the perpetrator’s beat.

Sit Down Son is Carton Brewing’s reply to Stillwater Artisanal Ales’ Yacht.

The New Jersey craft brewer teamed up with the folks at Smuttynose for the brew, a dry-hopped session lager, which at 4% and 22 IBU is ever-so slightly the junior to Boat (4.2%, 35 IBU). 

But that’s where any similarity or echo to Boat starts to fade. Sit Down Son, with a classic lager malt bill, Bavarian lager yeast and hops (Polaris Hersbrucker, dry-hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Mandarina Bavaria), makes a different kind of a wave. 

And a shot over the bow. (Wink, wink.

Earlier this year, itinerant brewer Brian Strumke and his Stillwater Artisanal christened Yacht, a 4.2% hoppy lager in pint cans, produced at Two Roads Brewing in Connecticut. It’s not a Boat, but it does have a similar jib, even if it is on a different tack. ;7 

Yacht is part of Stillwater’s Contemporary series, a sextet of brews that mark a five-year milestone for the brand. The beers sample the stylings of American craft brewers with rewrites some to traditions to stay fashionable, offer complexity, and sweep the notion that Strumke’s just a man for all saisons.

It’s with Yacht that the still waters get just a little choppy, make for a beef. (And our mixed metaphors ignore shame.)

Carton’s beer will be produced at Smuttynose, packaged in 16-ounce cans. It’s due out early October, togged in sleek lines strikingly similar to the linear illusion of Yacht’s, but with a lowered boom, if you get the drift 😉 

“You can be ridiculous and call lawyers, or you can do what we all came here to do and treat it as a call to step up creatively. Nas and Jigga were never better than the early aughts”, Augie says. 

😮 !

Er, uh, gotcha. ;s

UPDATE: October 29, 2015. and now, Sit Down Son is available in NJ. Carton’s got it in the tasting room and it will be around soon.

UPDATE: January 5, 2016. “‘Give Way’ a juicy hop bursted session ale.. our response to Carton‘s ‘Sit Down Son’ hits the NYC market and beyond this week!!” This information comes from SA’s Facebook post. Stay tuned for more details. You can find it around NYC and see the art below.

UPDATE: February 22, 2016. Stay Down is being released by Carton. See the artwork below.

Sit Down Son
Art from
Three Yacht Cans
Three Yacht Cans


image[5] stay down

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  1. Asshole McAsshole

    Boat? Yacht? Oh yeah, I really see the similarity… Wait a minute…Who fucking cares? This goes to show you just how cunty the craft beer industry has gotten. Stop being a bunch of bleeding vaginas and keep making your beers!

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