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cask 171 closter nj

Cask 171 sent over the following beer menu! NJCB Members, they have also changed their NJCB Membership Club offering. It’s now $4.95 craft beer drafts daily and 20% off food Sunday-Thursday.

Beers on tap include…

Kuka 12 oz

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 16oz

Sam Adams (Seasonal) 16oz

Defiant (Muddy Creek) 16oz

Keegan (Mother’s Milk) 16oz

Lagunitas (IPA) 16oz

Victory Donnybrook Stout 16oz

Flying Fish Summer 16 oz

Angry Orchard Cider 16oz

South Hampton Double White 12oz

Fire Stone (IPA) 16oz

Unibroue la fin du Monde 12oz

North Coast Pranquister 16oz

Dog Fish 60 Minute IPA 16oz

Bolero-Snort Black Horn (Black Lager) 16oz

Bolero-Snort Ragin’ Bull (Amber Ale) 16oz

Victory Pils 16oz

Goose Island Sofie 12oz


and more plus bottled selections.

Go ahead and visit, 171 Schraalenburgh Rd, Closter and the website at

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