Cask & Kettle Homebrew Classes

Boonton: Cask & Kettle Homebrew are offering classes this summer and fall. Below are the details. Joe from Cask & Kettle Homebrew sent the following over. Put them all in your calendar and enjoy!


Next Steps In Fermentation

Thursday October 27th 6-8pm

Cost: $30

I If you have only been using dry yeast or pitching a vial or smack pack directly into your wort than this class if for you. We will take a deep dive into some of the more advanced topics of yeast handling including making yeast starters, strain selection and blending, pitching rates, and oxygenation.  We will go over stepped starters, stir plates, and some of the equipment needed to bring your yeast handling to the next level.


Homebrewing for Beginners

Saturday October 29th 11am-3pm

Cost $50

Join us for the Homebrewing for Beginners class for a hands on demonstration of the basics. At the end of the class you will have the knowledge to confidently begin brewing at home. Attendees will learn the critical skills needed to create a batch of beer including boiling, adding hops, chilling, sanitizing, and pitching yeast. The class will also learn how to bottle a 5 gallon batch of beer including adding priming sugar, sanitizing bottles, crimping crowns, and bottle conditioning. Attendees will also take home a detailed outline to walk you through all of  the key steps.

More information can be found at NJCB Members save. $10 off when you combine any starter equipment kit and ingredient kit OR $5 off purchases of $50 or more at 904-B Main Street, Boonton.

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