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If you are familiar with the Blackwood-Clementon area, you probably have heard of Cherrywood Liquors, and know its long standing history in the area. What you may not know is that it has moved to a much larger location and is currently undergoing a renaissance that will cement its place it on the craft beer map. I met and spoke with Tobe Foxhill, the new boss of beer at of Cherrywood, and during our conversation I found out a lot about the passion that drives him to bring you the best there is to offer in the world of craft beer. This guy is about as excited about craft beer as anyone I have met, if not more.

Tobe got his start working the packaging line for Flying Fish worked his way up through the ranks. Sometime later, thirsting for more, he took his talents across the river and for Yards Brewing Company.  During his tenure at Yards, Tobe stated, “I did just about everything from bottling line help, Warehouse Manager, tour guide, assistant bar manager. If Kehoe needed me to do it, then I was willing to pitch in”.  After a few years, Tobe moved on and pursued other passions in art and design, only to realize later his true passion was in craft beer.” I missed the world of beer and when the opportunity to be the beer manager for Cherrywood Liquors arose I seized it as my way to get back involved with beer.”

Now at Cherrywood, Tobe is using his creativity and passion for the craft and translating it to the shelves. An expanded craft section and shelving for large bottles are just the beginning. “Here at the Cherrywood I want to bring a new spin on beer purchases. Finding good craft beer is important to all of us on staff.” Tobe hopes to bring the feel of the Philly bottle shop to South Jersey, and anyone familiar with those places knows that good things are on the horizon. Tobe’s mission is simple:  “I want to elevate the beer store from being just a carry out to being a great place to socialize and meet others that share your passion.” As our conversation came to a close, Tobe had one simple message for me to deliver to those reading this: “Come to Cherrywood Liquors, we love beer and we would love to know why you do to.”

I think we should all take him up on his offer. Cheers.

Check out the photos of Cherrywood below, and be sure to stop in and say hi to Tobe and crew!

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