Cloverleaf Randall event today

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Peter, Simply Beer, just alerted me about a Randall event today, July 19, at the Cloverleaf.  Word on the street is that Peter inspired Cloverleaf to do this beer experiment after the homebrew that Peter and I created for my wedding, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Double ESB.

Today’s Randall has oak staves that have been soaked in Jack Daniels and River Horse Special Ale will be poured through to infuse the flavors!!!  This sounds great!

Cloverleaf is located @ 395 Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell.  Find them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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4 thoughts on “Cloverleaf Randall event today”

  1. I haven't tried one of those "randall-ized" beers yet but my first thought is why would you need to add something to the beer? If the beer doesn't taste that good by itself, why add something to make it taste better? Just try another beer.

  2. Hi Mark, I'm a HUGE Randall Fan. I see what you're saying, but it's really not quite like that. Like, OK, I love cake. But sometimes I like ice cream on my cake. Doesn't mean I like cake any less, but sometimes I want an additional complementary pairing to bring out certain qualities of the cake or to just add another level of flavor or maybe I just want to try some variety. That's the Randall. Ice Cream on the cake!! I think you really ought to give it a go! 🙂

    1. Hi Kim,

      I hear what your saying. I like ice cream with cake (or even better apple pie!).
      But I can still have a little spoonful of just ice cream (if its bad cake or pie) or just a few bites of the cake or pie (if its bad ice cream).
      I get that its a special event and all that. I remember a while back going to the Heartland and not really liking their beers much and how they add a shot or something to it. It tasted better but it was still not great tasting beer.
      All that said, I think I'm going to the Shepard & Knucklehead tonight for the Defiant event.
      Its closer to my house.

  3. I like Randalls. I think they impart unique flavors and experimenting is what beer is all about. I'm also partial to this one because Peter is a good friend and this was a play on what we did for a homebrew we made together.

    I've had DFH 90 Minute through about 6 different Randalls at different times and it's a fun time and a flavor changer. Not all beers work, but think of it like casks or when they bourbon age beers. Some school of thought.

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