Coats for Kids 5K starting and ending at Spellbound Brewing

There’s another run/walk at a NJ brewery. Spellbound is the starting and ending point for this 5K/1M charity run/walk. Here is the flyer with details.

5K spellbound

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5 thoughts on “Coats for Kids 5K starting and ending at Spellbound Brewing”

  1. Are they even going to be open? If so, are they going to have any decent beer brewed? Didn’t they just get the permit to brew? Going to be very interesting to see if they can pull this on out of their ass.

  2. Lol, after all this time what below to average beers. I wouldn’t waste my time going to this place, the tasting room is like walking into a school cafeteria. No place to sit, loud and so so beers. You’d be better by passing this place.

  3. Spellbound has a fantastic IPA currently on tap. Hoppy with a nice citrus finish. Their tasting room / bar creatively finished with re finished ceiling beams from the brewery ceiling. Words cannot describe how gorgeous this wood in their bar looks after planing, sanding, staining, and sealing with poly finish. It would be nice to have seating however the ABC will not allow it. Owners Mike, John and Scott are great guys. Anyone who enjoys a nice pint of real craft beer in a FRIENDLY atmosphere should certainly stop by. Keep up the good work Spellbound.

  4. I vistited Spellbound a few weeks ago during one of their Friday night tours and I have to say the progress they made within these last few weeks was very impressive. I commend you and your family and friends for all the hard work that went into that place and I look forward to many nights there. (Hopefully a surprise 29th)

    1. Thanks for the great feedback, Shmeeee and beerMEnj, it’s great to see that you two appreciate hard work and enjoyed the brewery. I agree, Mike, Scott and John worked really hard to put a beautiful place together along with all of their volunteers like Kate and Bill, from Team NJCB. It’s an amazing thing when people can go and enjoy something that they watched progress over the last few years.

      Mike A, once Spellbound has more beer flowing, they’ll be plenty more to try, so feel free to stop by again and speak the three brewers/owners and discuss your feedback with them. I know they love to talk about beer.

      Stay tuned for big things between NJCB and Spellbound including a NJCB Member party and well, plenty more!


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