Copper Mine Pub Homebrewers’ Club

the copper mine pub
This Tuesday (1/11), The Copper Mine Pub’s Homebrewers’ Club meetup is happening.  Starts around 8:30.  Want to be on the email list, check in with the bar for details.  Below is what Copper Mine has to say.

This Tuesday around 830, we will be having a homebrewers meetup.  If your a homebrewer and would like to share some of your creations with others who also homebrew, your welcome to join.  If you could, try and bring around 24+ ounces worth of each sample so everyone could try it, that would be great. There will be some home brewers here who have only brewed a handful of times and people who have been brewing for decades.

Here’s the address 323 Ridge Road in North Arlington and for more info, check out Copper Mine Pub’s official website, Twitter and Facebook pages too.

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