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The Copper Mine Pub North Arlington NJ Craft beer bar

Vito sent this over last week.

heres a few things that will be going here over the next couple weeks.

tomorrow we will be having a homebrew meetup at or around 8-830.  if your a new homebrewer or a someone thats been brewing for a long time youre welcome to join and share your beers with other homebrewers, try to bring around 24ozs of each of your homebrews.

we will be having a stoudts brewery event on wednesday july 11th right after we return.  we usually have events on thursdays, but that wednesday is the only day the eddie stout (sales rep from the stoudts family) will be in town.

on tap will be:

-25th anniversary ale

-fat dog (on cask)

-heifer in wheat (hefeweizen)

-karnival kolsch

-revel red ale

-smooth hoperator

-scarlet lady esb


-double ipa

-american pale ale


if you new to the email list, you can also find us on facebook and twitter.  we also fill growlers and we now sell 64oz growlers starting tomorrow and 32oz growlers.

Here’s the address 323 Ridge Road in North Arlington and for more info, check out Copper Mine Pub’s official website, Twitter and Facebook pages too.  Save $1 off each craft beer on Sundays by purchasing the NJCB Membership Club Card. You can also save on growler fills every Tuesday and Wednesday. $2 off 64oz and $1 off 32 fills! Load them up!

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