Craft Beer Bottle Share at The Beer Spot

Fort Lee: Craft Beer Bottle Share is happening at The Beer Spot & Grill

Joe from The Beer Spot & Grill said on April 17 2016 from 05:00 pm to 11:00 pm

The Beer Spot & Grill will be hosting a bottle share the 3rd Sunday of every month. Our 1st will be Sunday, April 17th @ 5pm. Our team member & beer enthusiast Erick will be organzing each share.

The bottle share is open to everyone. The only request is that you bring at least two bombers or three 12 oz. of your choice.

Whales are nice, but NOT necessary. Our goal is to create a great monthly meeting place. A place where you get to meet other people who have a love for beer. Come taste some beers you never had & enjoy some styles for the 1st time.

The Beer Spot & Grill is the obvious choice in Fort Lee WHEN TASTE MATTERS!!


More information can be found at

NJCB Members save 10% off the bill.


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