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jonathan ron liquors

Heading down Rt 35 towards Pt. Pleasant, just before you go over the bridge, most people notice the giant signs offering deals on Miller Lite and keg of Coors on the right hand side. The craft beer drinker says “No Thanks”, and keeps heading to the beach, but unknown to them there is a great beer store just right across the road. It’s Jonathan Ron Liquors. From the outside it looks like a fancy, upscale, and expensive wine store (They do have a great wine selection as well). Upon further inspection I noticed a Weyerbacher neon sign, so I ventured in. I walked in and headed back to the beer coolers, I was blown away. Their selection of cold six packs and single bottles was amazing. Everything from Dogfish Head to German beers I’ve never heard of. After browsing the coolers with my jaw to the floor, I turned around to notice that the adjacent shelves were also filled with hundreds of different beers. The beer selection is separated by style, Starting with the Belgians/Sours, Stouts/Porters, Lagers (ie: Helles, Bocks, Dopples, etc), Pale Ale/IPA, and many others. They also have a section with some vintage beers. At the front of the “Beer” aisle there is a section where they put New and Limited bottles. The staff is great and helpful. After my 1st visit, I made this my go to beer store.

Their beer buyer, Chris, has agreed to keep me updated on what new and exciting beers are available. Here is what they most recently got in:

We just received the following somewhat limited, 2011 offerings of the following:

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Ale (750mL btl)

Mikkeller Barrel-Aged Black Hole Stout – Bourbon (375mL/12.7 oz btl)

Mikkeller Barrel-Aged Black Hole Stout – Scotch Peat Whiskey (375mL/12.7 oz btl)

Mikkeller Barrel-Aged Black Hole Stout – Red Wine (375mL/12.7 oz btl)

BrewDog Tokio (18.2% ABV oak-aged version with asterisk)

*(They are a lot of Mikkeller beers, if you haven’t tried any, you need to!)

I highly suggest you guys check this place out if you are in the area. They also have stores in Matawan and Wall.

Jonathan Ron Liquors Brielle is located at 629 Higgins Avenue, Brielle.

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