Craft Beer Marketing Awards Announces Tattoo Category for Charity 

Proceeds of new category entries to benefit The Michael James Jackson Foundation to promote more diversity and inclusion in the craft beer industry. More information on the Craft Beer Marketing Awards are below.

In the spirit of giving, the Craft Beer Marketing Awards
has announced that 100% of all proceeds of its new category –
“Best Beer/Brewing-related Tattoo” – will be donated to The Michael
James Jackson Foundation (MJF), an organization that funds scholarship
awards to black, indigenous, and people of color within the brewing and
distilling trades for a more just, equitable, and dynamic future.

“We are helping literally change the face of American brewing,” said
Garrett Oliver, Founder/Chair, MJF and Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery.
“We sent more people of color to Siebel Institute of Technology last
year, than had attended the entire previous decade. The MJF is all about
genuine and lasting change.”

The decision to create the category is because of the popularity of
tattoos in the beer industry.
“Tattoos are empowering, they look awesome, and they just make life
cooler.” said Jim McCune, CBMAS Co-Founder. “Tattoos and craft beer are
synonymous. The CBMAS brand is covered in ink – from our judges to our
graphics, and Crushie trophy!”

The fourth annual CBMAS Awards Competition is now accepting beer-related
marketing and design entries from around the globe (including hard
seltzer, cider, mead, and RTD cocktails). The deadline for entries is
January 27, 2023. Breweries, agencies, artists, and marketing partners
are all invited to enter their best work.

New additions this year, include new categories, new sponsors, a
redesigned Crushie award trophy, and plans for a LIVE, in-person awards
ceremony during the week of the 2023 Craft Brewers Conference in
Nashville, TN.
Founded in 2019, the CBMAs is the first worldwide awards program of its
kind that focuses specifically on excellence in the artistic and
creative marketing and packaging efforts of breweries, designers, and
agencies that plays an increasingly critical role in differentiating
craft beer brands in the highly competitive retail marketplace.

The CBMAS quickly became the industry’s expert voice to honor the
individuals, and teams who are involved in building these amazing
beverage brands. The CBMAS presented a marketing trends seminar at the
2022 Craft Brewers Conference, and also hosts a marketing podcast
Marketing on Tap—sponsored by EGC Group (available on Spotify, Pandora,
Apple Podcasts, and iHeartRadio).

In the 2022 CBMAS award season, 250 Crushie trophies were presented to
winning brewers, designers, and marketing agencies throughout the world.
The tally included 89 Platinum Crushie winners, 135 Gold Crushie
winners, and 26 Global Crushie winners. Click here to see the full list
of the 2022 CBMAS Winner’s Gallery.

New for the 2023 Award Season:
Crushie Award Redesign
The Crushie trophy has been reinvented and can now be removed from the
base to be used as a fully functional tap handle. This innovation was
designed and produced all within the industry and made in the USA by
Steel City Taps.

“We’re excited to work with Steel City Taps on our new Crushie trophies,
now cleverly engineered as a functional tap handle.” said Jackie
DiBella-Curry, co-founder of the CBMAS. “Our Crushie trophy was already
awesome, but now it’s even cooler for winners to display!”

“We are very proud to partner with the CBMAS to provide handcrafted,
American-made trophies,” said Brad Lugar, Owner/Operator, Steel City
Taps. “We hope our craftsmanship will serve as a reminder to the winners
of their excellence.”
Click here to learn more about the Crushie Awards trophy.

Expanding Sponsors and Industry Associations
Houston-based Hillebrand Bev Pros returns as the presenting sponsor for
the fourth year in a row. New sponsors this year include: WA-based
Yakima Chief Hops, NY-based DWS Printing, AL-based Steel City Taps,
Chicago-based Cicerone Certification Program and VA-based BarTrack.

“As presenting sponsor over the years, we’ve seen the amazing work
delivered from breweries and marketing professionals across the globe.
We’re even more convinced now of the incredible impact that great
marketing has on our industry”, said Prabh Hans, VP Domestic Services,
Hillebrand North America.

The CBMAS has also formed memberships with well-known industry
organizations that include The Brewers Association (BA), New York State
Brewers Association (NYSBA), and many of its judges are affiliated with
various beverage and beer industry associations throughout the world.

“Everyone in the industry—from taproom staff to brewery presidents—plays
a role in shaping a brand experience that creates fans of beer,” said
Chris Pisney, Program Director, Cicerone® Certification Program. “The
Craft Beer Marketing Awards, like the Cicerone Certification Program,
celebrate beer professionals who set themselves apart. We are proud to
sponsor the CBMAs in its efforts to elevate beer marketing professionals
who are producing their best work.”

New Crushie Categories
The 2023 CBMAS consist of over 40 categories that cover all aspects of
brew marketing—from labels to logos and tap handles to taprooms. And
this year, the CBMAS added newly designated categories to recognize
industry suppliers and partners.
To see the full list of categories, click here.

The full live awards ceremony is scheduled to take place in person with
a virtual feed at the 2023 Craft Brewers Conference in May in Nashville,
TN. Entries are open to anyone involved in marketing within the brewing
industry—including cider and hard seltzer—across the world. For
additional information, visit

The Craft Beer Marketing Awards was established in 2019 to give
recognition to the best of the best in the marketing realm of the
brewing industry. With categories that range from the “Best Can Design”
to “Coolest Taproom,” and “Best Website Design” to “Best Original
Videos,” there’s an opportunity to showcase the best work in every area
of marketing in the brewing industry. For more information, and to
listen to the Marketing On Tap Podcast sponsored by EGC Group, visit

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