CRAFT HOUSE tap update

craft house

Rich from CRAFT HOUSE in Cherry Hill sent over their current menu. NJCB Members get ready to save 10% off your check at 2310 W Marlton Pike in Cherry Hill!

Here’s the beer menu! This update was sent over recently.


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3 thoughts on “CRAFT HOUSE tap update”

  1. so have they gotten any german food on the menu since they opened in April?
    did the german tables they said they order in May arrive yet??

    oh no thats right, they’er still offering ‘Beach Party Tuesdays With Bikini Babes on the deck’ and ‘Bud Light Towers’. sounds like a great Craft Beer Garden

    I think I’m going to need 20% off to go their with my Club Card

  2. how’s this fake Craft House doing these days? just looked at the beer list from may….WHEW thank god they still have Bud and Bud lite at this craft house and beer garden……

  3. wow, what did this last? 18 months??? knew it would go to shit…..just shocked it didn’t go back to iguana or taylors or Top dogg again……

    the loser Taylor finally sold the place……..

    but I’ll never step foot in the new place unless my niece has a bat mitzvah since thats what this place is geared for now….

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