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cranbury buyrite growler fill station

New Jersey is full, I mean full, of liquor stores.  Some they just sell macros, some that have a small selection of craft beers and some that have everything.  This is where Cranbury BuyRite comes in.  The BuyRite recently expanded their store making it so say the least, fucking huge.  The store is giant and FILLED with beer, wine, and hard liquor.  There’s an active growler station with 8 rotating taps being poured daily, a craft beer mecca on the right left side of the store packed with imported and domestic craft beers.  Rare, hard to find, sought after bottles and cans line the walls.

I’ve been going into the BuyRite for a few months now after recently moving down to Monmouth County from Bergen County where I was forced craft beer at every store I went to, but BuyRite’s different.  Matt, the manager of the store, is fairly new to the craft beer scene with only a few years under his belt.  He’s been training his staff in the art with the help of some friends and of course, us, the beer lovers.  These guys are not pushy, they help you find what you want and they will fill your growlers to the top, seal them tight and take your money.  Speaking of money, the prices are VERY reasonable.

But beer people want more.  They want the interaction and the chatting.  They want to know about the beer and the people involved with it.  This is where the BuyRite steps up.  The guys are so helpful and they’re learning with you, so if they don’t know something, they’ll look it up.  I recently stopped in for a short (1.5 hour) chat with Kristian, Josh, Luis and Matt (pictured above from left to right) and the owner too.  It was a great conversation and we shared laughs and stories.  As you’ll see in the pictures below, The BuyRite is huge so stop on in regularly.  Cranbury BuyRite is located at 2678 US Highway 130 in Cranbury.

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7 thoughts on “Cranbury BuyRite”

  1. Great pics! I'm glad you did this article on the place. It was always great, but it's improved even more in the past year or so since I've been going there.

    Hehe, I like how Louis is cradling the growler like a baby.

  2. Great post guys! Cranbury buy rite is a great place to get go an talk about beer with all of the staff. My only complaint is I always walk out with way more beer then I was expecting too!!!

  3. This is my home shop. Matt and Josh are great and really have upped the game with respect to craft brews. Matt is always receptive to suggestions and they are getting some of the rare hard to find stuff we all crave. Josh is a fellow "hop head" and really knows his beer. I love love love this place and really look forward to Friday evenings when I stop for growler fills. As you mentioned the prices are reasonable and the selection is out of sight! People….get with the program. If you are in central NJ and in to craft beer get your butt down to Buy Rite in Cranbury!!!!

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