Cricket Hill night at Barcade

Thursday, June 7, Cricket Hill will be at Barcade!  Save the date and refer back to this post for updates as they come through!

American Ale – 5.0% ABV – Flaghsip Pale Ale.

Colonel Blide’s Cask Ale – 5.5% – On Draft and Cask!

East Coast Lager – 5.0% – Light and Crisp.

Hopnotic IPA – 5.0% – We have a good Hopnotic story…

Imperial IPA – 7.5% – Small Batch DIPA!

Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale – 5.5% – Belgian Pale Ale.

You can also check out Barcade’s website, Twitter stream and Facebook if you desire. The address is 163 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

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