Customer Appreciation Day at Maro Brothers

Hainesport: Mike from Maro Brothers alerted us to their annual Customer Appreciation Day. Here’s what we know.

– MAY 18th –
9:00am to 9:00pm
A Full 12 Hours of At-Cost Beer, Wine, and Liquor
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Our full inventory includes over 1,200 craft beers, from full-bodied ales to creamy stouts and hoppy IPAs to sweet wheats. By selling our beer at-cost our customers can save up to $5 per case. Time to stock up for the summer!

Locally-owned Maro Brothers Liquors is already known for boasting the largest and most affordable alcohol selection in New Jersey. For Customer Appreciation Day, we’re showing our appreciation for you by offering even deeper discounts: from 9am to 9pm our full inventory of craft beer, imported and domestic wine, and every type and brand of liquor will be sold at-cost.

We’re offering our full inventory of rare and collectible wines at-cost: every riesling, pinot noir, chardonnay, bordeaux, burgundy, sauvignon blanc, zinfandel, shiraz, chianti, merlot, rose, malbec, cabernet sauvignon, and more! Come in to make your wine cellar the envy of the whole neighborhood.

Maro Brothers Discount Liquor Mart Hainesport offers 10% off craft beer for NJCB Members at 1500 Route 38 East, Hainesport.

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