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Since Carton launched they have only been offering their beers on tap but earlier this week, Carton sent an email out saying the following. For those that have been drinking Carton’s beers since day one, you know that canning has been their goal for certain beers. Well, read this.

We have been discussing drinking Boat Beer from a can on the beach, on a boat, or sitting on a buddy’s couch for a long as we’ve discussed Carton Brewing. This weekend, the question was “What should the can look like?” Are you an artist, an illustrator, or a lover of doodling? Want to get involved with the dialogue of what a can of Boat should look like? Send us an email at and introduce yourself.

Please do not send art or concepts.

So we need you to leave your comment below as well as email our friends with your thoughts. My opinion is that it should be an all orange can with blue text that says Boat then incorporate a boat into the SKU. Let’s hear your ideas.

And until we have cans, stop on in 6E Washington Ave in Atlantic Highlands and hang with the crew of Carton and get your growlers filled up! Make sure you tell them where you saw this info!

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4 thoughts on “Design a can for Boat”

  1. Cannot wait to see cans of Carton on the shelves. Sorry I do not have any creative ideas to offer…I’ll probably come up with something in about 4 hours, and when I do, just disregard and we shall never speak of it again… 😉

  2. I agree with Vern. Given the name of the company, I could see a form process that shapes the aluminum into a box like the Juicy Juice boxes of yore, just in 12 or 16 oz. sizes.

    Carton should talk to the faculty at Packaging Engineering at Rutgers in New Brunswick to get more ideas too.

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