Doby Major Leagues Caramel Pale Ale Release Party

Montclair: Denise from Montclair Brewery sent information about Doby Major Leagues Caramel Pale Ale Release Party scheduled for Friday, February 21 from 05:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Denise says…

Come out for the official release of the Doby Major Leagues Caramel Pale Ale. The beer is named after Larry Doby, who was the 2nd player to break baseball’s color barrier and the first player of color in the American League. Doby’s family members are expected to arrive at 5 p.m. to celebrate the release of the new beer, named in honor of Doby, a long-time Montclair resident. Doby’s oldest grandson, Scott Hutchins, Doby’s son, Larry Doby Jr. and daughter, Susan Robinson, as well as other family members are expected at the release event.

The event will include the reading of the actual proclamation and the official response from the family. There are plans to have Doby and/or Negro Leagues Baseball memorabilia available for viewing as well. Montclair Brewery selected to dedicate an American Pale Ale style, which is not as popular as India Pales Ales (IPA) or stouts, to represent Doby who came second to Jackie Robinson’s tumultuous entry to national baseball.

Pine and citrus hop flavors fill this American pale ale along with toasty notes of caramel. Come try this limited edition that won’t last long!

Montclair Brewery offers NJCB Members 10% off craft beer at 101 Walnut Street, Montclair.

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