Dogfish Head at Barcade is TODAY!

Here’s what I know (copied from the DFH website) for this amazing event with Sam of Dogfish Head fame.  Come talk to one of the nicest beer people in the brewers community.

Sam will be hanging out with the guys at Barcade – Jersey City for a special Dogfish happy hour(s) from 5pm to 7pm on Thursday, February 9th. 12 Dogfish drafts will be featured, including 6 from Barcade’s secret stash and 3 vintage beers from Sam’s Stash. Be sure to stop in for some food, games, and of course…beer!

More details are below from our friends at Barcade & more as they roll in.

Join us on Thursday February 9th, as we welcome Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and Founder/President Sam Calagione from Milton, DE! Sam will be hanging out from 5PM to 7PM either schooling or being schooled in Asteroids (consult your local bookie for odds).

120 Minute IPA – 21.0% ABV – Chuck Norris’ session beer.

Burton Baton – 10.0% – Burton Ale!

Burton Baton 2009 – 10.0% – Two Year Old Burton Ale!

Fort 2007 – 18.0% – Big Raspberry with Some Years on It.

Hellhound on My Ale – 10.0% – King of the DIPA Blues Singers.

Indian Brown Ale – 7.2% – Hoppy Brown Ale.

Namaste – 5.0% – Belgian Style Wit.

Noble Rot – 8.3% – Saison with Botrytis ‘kissed’ Wine Grapes.

Palo Santo Marron 2011 – 14.0% – WOOD.

Red & White 2011 – 10.0% – Wit with Wine!

Ta Henket – 4.5% – Drink Like an Egyptian.

Theobroma 2009 – 10.0% – Ancient Ale with Cocoa and Chiles.

Tweason’ale – Gluten Free

You can also check out Barcade’s website, Twitter stream and Facebook if you desire. The address is 163 Newark Avenue in Jersey City.

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