Dogfish Head at Canals West Deptford

joe canals west deptford

Look at this info from Jay Rose and the guys at Canals West Deptford.

Just hearing the name Dogfish puts most Craft Beer lovers on the edge of their seat. It seems everything they do sends the entire Craft Beer community into a immediate frenzy, us included! That being said, we are starting off 2012 with what promises to be the biggest and baddes in our Tap Takeover Series. On Friday, January 13th (yep, Friday the 13th), we welcome DOGFISH HEAD to the growler station to take over our 8 taps! As you should be well aware of at this point, we don’t things unless we can do em BIG! We’ve never done a DFH Takeover, and we feel the time has come. We have been hoarding DFH kegs as the have been made available for a few years in preperation for this event! At this point we have a selection of kegs from Dogfish that would impress Sam, himself! We are still hammering out all the details for this one, just trust us when we say this is gonna be big. More details to follow, stay tuned!!

Jay went on to say on Facebook today,

This Friday at 3pm Nick from Dogfish will be in the building with a RANDALL! We’re running Indian Brown through the randall for growler fills, not sure what’ll be in the Randall yet, but it’ll be crazy! We will also be tapping DFH Faithful and 120 for 32oz growler fills. Burton Baton, Olde School, and a few other surprises will also be on tap that day! HUGE!!

Canal’s West Deptford is located at 1075 Mantua Pike in Woodbury. To keep up to date with their beer list, click over to

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