Escorted From the Building Bottle Release

Bristol, PA: Kate from Broken Goblet Brewing sent us over the following event set for August 12 2016.

HR compliance. It’s a fine line. Apparently, we are tightrope walkers…. according to our HR manager, AKA Kate Sweeney. This beer – Escorted from the Building – was conceptualized by Kate, a strong red ale to match this strong girl – plus, she assisted with the brew and she labeled the bottles. This boozy, deep red ale tops out at 9%, and it’s full-body notes accentuate its sexy and supple – dammit, did it again. Sorry Kate.

We have Jay’s Steak and Hoagie Joint food truck in the lot at 4pm, and live music from Jason Ager at 8:30p.

First 24 people to make a purchase get a signed pair of novelty handcuffs and the option to hug Kate. Her idea, both counts. We dont question HR. Not any more…..

More information on their Facebook event. Broken Goblet offers NJCB Members $2 off growler fills at the brewery, 1500 Grundy Lane in Bristol, PA.

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