Esoteric Experience at Canals West Deptford

joe canals west deptford

Here’s what the guys at Canals have to say about this in store tasting

John Hoyos comes back to town on December 6 to do a BELGIAN SOUR TASTING!!! Now, Belgian sours are not for everyone, those that love them LOVE them, and those that don’t, don’t care. We like to think we have the best selection of Belgian Sour Beers this side of Monk’s in Philly. Strong claim, we know, but we really do have a ridiculous selection. This is your chance to really discover some world class sour beers and learn exactly what it is that gives them their “funk.” Hardcore Sour fans are encouraged to come out because we will have all the sours sampled for sale that day. We will be sampling sour beers from Hanssens, Lieffmans, De Proef, De Ranke, BFM, Lambickx, and probably a few American-Style sours tossed in for fun (Jolly Pumpkin). Again, that’s Tuesday december 6th at 5pm.

Both of these tastings are free, mark your calendar, you seriously don’t want to miss these. Free education is the best kind of education, especially when Craft Beer is involved!!


Canal’s West Deptford is located at 1075 Mantua Pike in Woodbury. To keep up to date with their beer list, click over to

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