Flying Fish at Maloney’s

Flying Fish Brewery

According to an email from Maloney’s

A State Of Firsts…
Celebrate New Jersey’s 350th Anniversary!
Thursday May 15th is Flying Fish Brewing Night

Brewery representative Rick Stype will be on hand to give us the story of this NJ brewery’s portfolio. Flying Fish is the
largest brewery built in the state since Prohibition, and it produces a wide range of beers year-round, along with a
variety of seasonal specialties. Of course we’ll be pouring the Exit Series, Hop Fish, Red Fish, and Farmhouse Summer.
The highlight of the night will be NJ 350.

The commemorative beer named NJ 350 is an English stock ale, brewed with blackstrap molasses and an array of traditional English malts and barley, then finished with American hops, including Simcoe, Centennial and Cluster, which was the first variety of hop grown in the United States. NJ 350 will have a light brown color and fragrant pine aroma, as a tribute to the New Jersey Pine Barrens. The recipe is the result of months spent experimenting with ingredients and listening to suggestions from New Jersey fans on styles and flavors.

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