Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Unveils Logo

Our friends from Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing sent us over the following! Can’t wait for their brewery to be live!!

As promised, here is the first forgotten tale:


Unbeknownst to most: The feral cat is the sideshow attraction and mascot to the boardwalk. No one quite knows exactly when the undomesticated felines made their homes under the piers, but most say it happened when the boardwalk was first built back in the 1880s.  The reason?  Some say it’s due to the scraps of food dropped by tourists that slip through the cracks of the planks.  These curious creatures have roamed the boardwalks for over a century, spending their days in the shadows largely undetected by human eyes.

Yet, the inquisitive cat, would have witnessed all that is lost, yet not forgotten…


…..Curious Ales and Tall Tales


You are invited to name our cat by visiting our website.

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