Forgotten Boardwalk and Spellbound at Blend Bar

blend bar

On Thursday, December 4, two of the newest NJ breweries are taking over the taps at Blend Bar. Here’s what we know from Rick at the bar. Blend Bar, 911 Highway 33, Hamilton, offers 10% off takeout/packaged goods/growlers and 15% off dine-in. to NJCB Members!

4 beers on tap from Forgotten Boardwalk

  • 1916 Shore Shiver IPA
  • Funnel Cake Cream Ale
  • Morro Castle American Porter
  • What The Butler Saw Witbier

2 beers on tap from Spellbound

  • Porter
  • IPA
  • a pin of the Porter with coconut

Plus people from the brewery on hand (who is still TBD) and maybe some other goodies…

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