Forgotten Boardwalk’s Speakeasy

Cherry Hill: We were sent this press release from Forgotten Boardwalk.

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Company, normally known for their handcrafted brews and whimsical tasting room located in Cherry Hill, has opened a prohibition styled speakeasy. This speakeasy, dubbed “The Sideshow Room” will not be serving moonshine, bathtub gin, or hooch that you would find at the boardwalk of yester-year, but instead will showcase the company’s barrel aged beer program.

The build out of the speakeasy started in January 2018 within the brewery warehouse. It is cleverly hidden behind rows of cans, stacks of kegs, and around the corner of a giant cold box. It is adorned with décor that has been found and then up-fitted & retrofitted to the stylistic guidelines of a speakeasy. As guests sip on their barrel aged beers while touring the space, they are encouraged to explore many of the rooms’ hidden secrets. Silent films will air as guests can also play a vintage shuffle board bowling lane.

Jamie Queli, owner and creator, wanted to add in an additional layer to the brewery in 2018. “We are making really fabulous barrel aged beer. I wanted a space to showcase these delicate projects. I felt that these beers were our works of art, but were having trouble finding a spot light in the main tasting room. Guests are welcome to bring beverages from the main tasting room bar into the Sideshow Room, however, only the barrels aged beers will be sold in the tasting room.”

“It wasn’t until our head brewer, Evan Wasylyk, was trying to make some room in the warehouse for a delivery that I noticed that the barrels had a special aesthetic against the back wall. That’s when the project started. The rule when the project began was ‘nothing nailed down’”. Queli says. “It’s our warehouse space after all. We will need to operate a production facility around the room at least five days a week. Plus, I started to think of old time speakeasies; they were usually pop up shops, where nothing was nailed down and they can escape in the middle of the night if the police caught wind of their location”.

The room will open up with a Saison that has been aging in French Sauvignon Blanc barrels for five months (Lifeguard Off Duty) as well as a Smoked Porter that has been aging in Port wine barrels for four months with the addition of plums (The Captain’s Quarters). The Sideshow Room will showcase a variety of different projects throughout the year such as Belgian Lambic-inspired beers, Oud Bruins, bourbon barrel aged stouts, sours, spontaneous fermentations and more.

The Sideshow Room is set to be open Saturdays only. Guests can book appointments online to reserve their space. Queli adds, “The room is designed to be intimate, it only holds 35 people comfortably and is only open to guests that are over the age of 21. There are lots of low lighting and you really feel like you traveled to a romantic period in time.” Guests are encouraged to dress up as if they have been invited to a party at Jay Gatsby’s house although it is not required.

NJCB Members save. It’s $1 off growler fills of flagship beer only (glassware not included) & $3 off any tshirt. Visit 1940 Olney Ave in Cherry Hill and explore.

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