Founders night at Cloverleaf is NOW! Head to Caldwell now!

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On Tuesday October 4, The Cloverleaf Tavern will be hosting a Founders Tap Takeover Event. At 5:00PM they will be tapping KBS, Curmudgeon and all will be running the Centennial IPA through the Randall filled with whole leaf Centennial Hops and candied Grapefruit rinds.  Here’s what an updated email said

11:00am: Double Trouble, Centennial IPA, Porter, Imperial Stout,

Old Curmudgeon, Cerise, Dirty Bastard.

There is a small possibility (30%) that we may get a barrel of CBS

ALSO – Centennial IPA randallized with whole leaf centennial hops &

candied grapefruit rinds at 11am

-KBS at 5:00pm (one 8oz limit)

-CBS at 3:00pm (if we get it)

More info can be found here.  It’s the menu from this morning!

Cloverleaf is located @ 395 Bloomfield Ave in Caldwell.  Find them on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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