Founding Members from Spellbound Brewing

According to a recent email from Spellbound

We are excited to announce that we will have a “Founding Members” Club with memberships on sale August 22 at noon! We are capping the club at 150.

The details
-annual membership fee is $125
-memberships capped at 150 (permanently)
-memberships are nontransferable

Members receive:
-exclusive shirt bearing the Founders Club Logo – new design each year
-exclusive “Founders Club” glass – a new design each year (this year will be a teku glass with the logos and year)
-once per year private party for members with exclusive event only beers
-front of the line pass for events (admission fee still applies)
-invite to purchase limited release beers before they go on sale to the public
-growlers at 15% discount
-Spellbound branded gear at 15% discount

Membership will only open up if anyone drops out.
We will have a secure link on our website at 12 noon on 8/22 and also take purchases at Friday tours (6pm) starting 8/22
Thanks again for all the support. We are down to a few more things to do before we open. We are confident in opening our doors in sept.
John, Mike, and Scott

spellbound founding members

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5 thoughts on “Founding Members from Spellbound Brewing”

  1. I have a feeling this place is more show then go. They keep saying that they are going to open but then nothing. I think these guys like to talk a big game. What value do you really get for the money? No thanks I’ll pass.

  2. It works for some established breweries such as cigar city, bruery, and spring house. But it’s a complete joke for an unopened brewery that’s only offers a basic porter/IPA/saison to have a club like this. Honestly looks to be a grab money while you can scam. I hope those who dropped the cash on an unproven start up get some worth out of it.

  3. Spellbound Brewing

    Hi all
    We understand the apprehension from people that dont know us, we would be too.

    We have worked on opening Spellbound from a concept started at our first meeting on June 1, 2011. We invested our lives into this business and are glad we have 141 people so far that know how passionate we are about this and joined the club. They also took the time to ask us about who we are and what to expect (ie barrel program) once we start brewing (sept).

    Starting a production brewery is nothing short of a monumental task. We are happy to share our experiences with anyone looking to open a brewery in NJ. We were helped along the way more times than we can count. Just send us an email or send a message through facebook.

    If anyone that has joined is persuaded to leave the club due to the insightful comments above, we are happy to refund you.

    Otherwise we have 9 spots left. 😉

    Thanks NJCB for the continued info about the craft brew scene in NJ!
    John, Mike, and Scott

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