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great beer fest

The biggest names in international brewing will gather at the Meadowlands Exposition Center at Harmon Meadow for the first annual International Great Beer Expo on February, 5th.  Sorry you didn’t win, but we only had 4 pairs to giveaway however tickets are still available for purchase.

This international beer tasting extravaganza will showcase more than 50 breweries from across the globe, each providing samples of their country’s proudest brewing achievement.  But what craft breweries will be pouring?  As of this time, some of them include: Blue Point, Victory, Long Trail, Southampton, Stoudts, Flying Fish, Ithaca, Wolavers, Firestone Walker, Lake Placid, Ramstein, Dogfish Head and MORE.  Check this link out for an updated list.

Tickets on sale now but you can enter to win a FREE pair of tickets.  One for each session listed below.

Session I: 12:30 pm – 4:00 pm (doors open at 12:00 pm)

Session II: 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm (doors open at 5:00 pm)

The rules are simple.

Tell us your favorite beer in the entire universe and what session you’d like to attend.

hey there’s a twist, I actually had 2 sets for each session to give out
and the winners are…

Julie & Ronen


Lauren & Jeremy

If they can’t make it, I’ll go back and randomly select a replacement.

I will mail you the tickets directly to you so make sure you leave a valid email address in the form you need to fill out so I can get your physical address.

Bonus points for those who tweet and Facebook with a @reply or tag to us about the contest.

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60 thoughts on “Tickets to the International Great Beer Fest”

  1. Favorite beer in the world is a tough one. But I'll go with Dogfish Head 90 min. I'd like to attend the early session.

  2. Great Lakes Brewing Co. Edmond Fitzgerald Porter, but you can't get it around here 🙁

    I'll take Session II, thanks!

  3. While there are many beers that may be considered amazing or top of this world I think my favorite beer is the one that brings you the most comfort, relaxation or diversion (think comfort food). With that said, my go to beer is Lagunitas India Pale Ale. The complex hop profile and amazingly balanced malt profile make the glass sing and really help wind down a tough day at the office or get a great party going with good friends.

    I would love to attend the early session.



  4. hard to choose, but the two beers that have taken over my life recently have been Laguintas Maximus & Flying Dog Raging bitch. session II please.

  5. Favorite beer is tough just because I love trying new beer. I've always been a fan of smithwicks and would never pass it up. Craft beer though, new jersey beer company has an awesome beer , the weehaken heavy. Its a great scotch style beer that I can never get enough of. Too bad its a seasonal.

  6. Bell's HopSlam as of right now…but I'm still young yet so I'm sure there's MUCH more mind blowing beers to come my way!

    Since I'm already going to the 1st session the 2nd one would be a nice addition. 🙂

  7. Rochefort 10. It's not exactly my top-of-the-pile favorite, but it's as favorite as any beer will ever be. Evening session please!

  8. My favorite beer right now is Great Divide Rumble Oak-Aged IPA. I am IN LOVE with this beer and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and scrumptious it is. As a chick who is just getting into the world of tasty beer, I would really enjoy going to this FIRST International Great Beer Expo! (pick me! pick me! pick me!)

    First session please 🙂

  9. Russian River Pliny The Elder. Granted, I've only had it twice, but it's a freaking revelation. I absolutely love it. Session 1

  10. Favorite Beer: Right now I need to go with Cisco Brewers Whale's Tail. It brings me way back to when I was just getting into craft beer and this beer blew my mind. I was at the time big into the Vermont micros and this beer was just so different in how it was made in a small barn and so much love in each bottle. That beer really led me to making my own beer at home and exploring more of the craft scene outside of Vermon/Boston beers.

    Session I would be great.


  11. Oh man this is a Sophie's choice. I guess Nugget Nectar since it'll be out again in new jersey some time in the next week or 2. And I guess session 1

  12. matt scharfstein

    I can't pick a favorite, but I really like Oskar Blues Ten Fidy. Id go to either session, but prefer 1.

  13. I'm gonna go with Cricket Hill Paymaster Porter, and I would love to win tickets to the first session.


  14. My favorite of all time was my 2007 Sam Adams Utopias, but if I need to pick a more common beer, I’d probably go Mackeson XXX.

    I'd like to get a ticket for Session 1. I actually already have one, so if I win, I'm giving it to a friend for her birthday. A friend who appreciates a Beer Expo as a birthday gift is a good friend to have!

  15. Too many to mention, but Samichlaus is the world's most extraordinary beer for a reason. If not that, then Allagash 4. Session 2!

  16. I was recently introduced to the Terrapin Beer Company and I've become a big fan of Moo-Hoo.
    Session 2 please

  17. My favorite everyday beer is Guinness Draught. My favorite seasonal is The Eliminator from the Gaslight in South Orange, NJ… Session 1 please…

  18. Thanks for all the beer updates! Favorite beer is Russian River Consecration, or any good sour. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale is one of my favorites too. I’d love to attend session 1!

  19. Thanks for all the beer updates! Favorite beer is probably Russian River Consecration or any really good sour. Dieu Du Ciel makes some great ones as well. I'd love to be able to attend session 1!

  20. Session 1.
    And my current favorite is Founders Breakfast Stout. Although this may change once I get my hands on some KBS.

  21. Choosing one beer as my favorite is very difficult! I would have to go with a local brew, so Flying Fish Farmhouse Ale is one of my all time favorites! I would love to attend the morning session!

  22. I can’t wait for this event!!! My favorite beer is Cricket Hill East Coast Lager…. I can’t get enough of it!

    I’d LOVE to go to session 2 if possible….


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