Geraghty’s, a brief introduction

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From the outside, Geraghty’s might not look like much. The standard pub neons advertising Guinness and Leinenkugels, along with the weathered faux-stone exterior allude to a locals-only hometown bar. However, step one foot inside, and you’ll realize that this is a pub of a different color. Right off the bat, you will likely notice the warm interior, with new hardwood floors and trim, huge wrap-around bar and multiple flatscreen televisions. And right at the end of the bar: the 20-beer tap. Commence drooling.

Being that this bar is in the center of a historic town, you do tend to get your “historic” regulars, which requires you to keep your standard brews from the “Big Three” on tap at all time (Coors Light, Bud, Miller Lite), but most every other tap is constantly revolving, and rarely repetitive. I always look to the 2-wall chalkboard to see what’s the most recent additions, as well as get a feel for what is upcoming. The owner is sure to flush every tap line after every beer, as any self-and-beer-respecting pub owner should, so that you always have a fresh beer, from freshly tapped to spitting CO2. They also offer growler’s to go, which is always an added bonus, and a sign of someone who cares about beer enough to let you enjoy it at home as well.

The food is also not to be overlooked. The owner has a Japanese background, which may throw you for an Irish pub, but he does Japanese Pub fare right. It is not the most lengthy menu, but what is on there counts. You can order mussels right along with your gyoza or shumai, or get a bison burger and an order of sushi. Their specials are great, and always worth the low price. And be sure to take the chips they offer instead of exchanging for fries; they are homemade, topped with a sprinkle of parmesan, and ARE ADDICTIVE!!!

Ken, the owner, takes great pride and care with each beer he selects to serve up. Not only do they have the 18 taps, but they also typically have over 100 different beers bottled, although they do need to keep updating their beer menu, as it is typical that you need to order several different ones until you get one they have in stock, and there are many that do not get on the menu, but are missed because of this.

With special holiday events and a summer beer festival, it’s a small wonder that beer geeks aren’t flocking to this small town beer mecca, but being that I AM a regular, and they’re located around the corner from my house, I don’t necessarily mind that I can get a seat when I go.

You won’t regret trying this place out.

Geraghty’s Pub & Restaurant is located at 148 West Broad Street in Burlington and online here.

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