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An email came in earlier this week about Gerard’s new club.  It’s pasted below.

The Gerards Beer of the Month Club will feature some of the finest, and rarest, beers from around the world. Being part of the club, you’ll experience a wide variety of tastes and styles that you may not normally grab off of the shelf. The Beer of the Month club is a great way to expand your pallet and knowledge of ‘real’ beer. The club will also be a great way to guarantee yourself some of the most rare beers that are only usually available for a day!

Here’s the details:

-The club is 19.96 per month, cancellable at any time

-We work with the most unique distributors and breweries to hand-select 2-3 of the finest beers money can buy! (22-25oz beers, large format)

-You’ll pick up your beers at the front counter on the 7th of every month at which time we will bill your credit card, which must be kept on file

-You’ll also be entitled to a significant and exclusive discount on any of the beers featured in the club!

For the complete details and TO SIGN UP CLICK HERE. If you’re not comfortable with an online form you can also print the form and bring it into the store.

For more information, inquire in-store, or give us a call at 732-892-6161

Visit Gerard’s located at 2310 Bridge Avenue, Point Pleasant online also! NJCB Members save. 10% off mix your own 6 pack & 10% off any 6 (or increments of 6) loose bottles: 12oz, 22oz, 750ml or larger.

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