Gerards Wine and Spirits charity event in Point Pleasant

Our friend Joe Jr from Gerards sent us over this email for their annual event. Gerard is located at 2310 Bridge Avenue, Point Pleasant online also! NJCB Members save. 10% off mix your own 6 pack & 10% off any 6 (or increments of 6) loose bottles: 12oz, 22oz, 750ml or larger.

gerards wine and spirits point pleasant

Wow! Its been five years already. I’m in shock. This event started as a pipe dream almost 6 years ago, and now I’m planning what will probably be the largest event we’ve ever done. Last year, was a HUGE success, thanks to all of you. We were able to raise almost 50,000 dollars for two amazing causes and this year I hope to raise more. I recently met with Scott Brady (one of the founders of the Carmie Brady Foundation), and to hear how this money is used brings you to tears. What we’re able to accomplish, in one night is pretty incredible. The money is directly used to save children’s lives.

Here’s a little background, again, on why I do this event: This event raises money for two amazing charities:

The Carmie Brady Foundation. A registered 501(c) charity based in Point Pleasant, NJ. The Brady family lost their mother to breast cancer and decided they wanted to give back. They started this charity to help families in need with seriously ill children. There is no overhead, no fees, and all of the money that comes in goes right back out to families that need it most.

The second part of this is to benefit something that’s obviously very close to my heart: The Eye Tumor Research Foundation. Its hard to believe but almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Eye Cancer. It’s an extremely rare type of melanoma. I went to Wills Eye Institute in Philadelphia, PA for my treatment and saw one of the best doctor’s in the country. Needless to say, I’m very thankful for what they did for me. I’m doing great, and although I lost a lot of my vision life is pretty much normal. That being said I wanted to give back. Dr. Carol Shields, my doctor, started this foundation with a few other amazing doctors, in order to fund research on this terrible disease that is so under-funded and also so unknown. I hope through this event I can help them achieve some of their goals in order to help ‘save life and sight’ especially in young children.

I’m beyond excited to do this event this year as I truly believe we have something special. People literally line up for tickets the day we get them and we’ve been selling out every year since the first one! Last year we had over 650 attendees!

Here’s the details: 

Ticket Price: $75

Date: Friday, January 30th, 2015 doors open at 7pm. 

Location: Crystal Point Yacht Club, River Road, Point Pleasant, NJ 

The lineup we have this year is incredible. We will have over 150 vendors and most likely, close to 1000 different beers, wines and spirits. We’re also going to have some really, really hard to get stuff for you guys to try. This will include rare beers, super rare spirits, and of course some of the best, high-end wines in our market. We will also have cigars (finally!), a TON OF FOOD, and a lot of different food/wine pairings (all INCLUDED WITH YOUR TICKET!), and of course free rides courtesy of Briggs Taxi Service. We will literally have something for EVERYONE.

This will be the premier wine, spirits and beer sampling at the Jersey Shore! As always, don’t wait, buy tickets EARLY-WE WILL SELL OUT.

I really can’t wait to see all of you there, this event is one of the best nights of our year.


Head to Gerard’s and purchase your tickets! I have been to this event before and it’s a great super awesome fun time with killer beer!

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