Harpoon Henry’s, a brief introduction

Harpoon Henry's, North Cape May

I visited Harpoon Henry’s in North Cape May on Friday and if you’ve never been there you are missing a great place to have drinks. It’s located right on the Delaware Bay and as the sun sets on the water, the scene is reminiscent of Mallory Square in Key West.  The bar/restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating and an eclectic drink selection with 250 different frozen drinks, PBR pounders, Miller High Life nips and of course craft beers. I had a Flying Fish at the outdoor bar and a Sierra Summer Ale inside. Between the tiki torches, colorful atmosphere and an unlimited selection of libations, Harpoon Henry’s should be on your list of stops. The tropical feel is sure not to disappoint.

Find them online, on Facebook or in person at 91 Beach Drive in North Cape May.

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2 thoughts on “Harpoon Henry’s, a brief introduction”

  1. Beer jester (cool right)

    Beer Knight really???? Cool name you jack ass!! Did it ever occurs to you that not everybody has the same taste & just listing what’s available is reporting the facts! Didn’t your mom ever teach you if you dnt have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!!!! We dont need your negativity clogging up our good beer karma! Keep it to yourself

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