Heights Beer and Wine Emporium NJCB Discount for December

heights beer and wine emporiumHeights Beer & Wine is offering all NJCB Members the following deal!  Our friend Dan, the beer manager sent over this info!

For December we will be giving $1 off all Christmas beers.  Also there will be a 20% discount on all beers 1.5L-9L.

You can see more info directly on Heights Beer & Wine Emporium’s Facebook page or visit in person at 69 Route 17 South, in Has. Heights.  Keep in mind, the NJCB Membership Club varies month to month!

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5 thoughts on “Heights Beer and Wine Emporium NJCB Discount for December”

  1. I went there yesterday and bought a bomber of 5 Golden Rings (xmas bomber) and a 6 pack of Anchor Christmas Ale and I showed them the card and they said they don’t participate in that. Disheartening really because that’s the only reason I went out of my way to visit this store that’s about 25 minutes from where I live.

    1. I’m there once a week. The cashier usually has to ask the store or beer mgr. what it is and which discount applies. They honored it on the 4th last. I hope they still do cause I like their selection. Otherwise I guess I’ll be going to Shoppers Vineyard in Clifton.

      1. Apparently the cashier was ill informed that day and they do still honor the discount. I sent them a message about it on facebook and I received a response from the manager validating their participation in the discount and a $5 credit towards my next purchase.

  2. There was some confusion from a new employee. Everyone has been retrained. They also will not be accepting any more 2012 Membership Cards after 12/31 so be sure to order your 2013 cards soon.

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