Ho Ho Kus Inn’s wheat beer tasting event

Brian Boak has just informed us that this has been cancelled!

Ho-Ho-Kus Inn and Tavern

Summer time is prime time for wheat beers and on Wednesday, August 27th at 6:30pm the Inn will host it’s monthly Craft Beer Tasting featuring imported Wheat Beers. Brewed with a large portion of wheat malt, wheat beers are both refreshing and versatile in food pairing, earning them a place of distinction in the world of craft brewing. Schofferhoffer, the iconic wheat beer from Germany, Shine White Wing (Belgium), Boraks Double Wheat Beer (Belgium) and Benediktiner Weissbier (Germany) will be sample along with complimentary bar bites. The event is priced at $20.00 per person and reservations are recommended. Participants are encouraged to stay for dinner afterwards.

This event comes in from Ho Ho Kus Inn’s marketing department. The Ho-Ho-Kus Inn is located at 1 East Franklin Turnpike in Ho-Ho-Kus and keep in mind that NJCB Members can save 10% off your entire bill!

There are some errors in the above information. Boraks is BOAKS Beer Double BW and it’s brewed in New Jersey, not Belgium. It’s also Shiner White Wing not Shine.


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1 thought on “Ho Ho Kus Inn’s wheat beer tasting event”

  1. Mike

    In reference to the HoHocus event. If you plan to have BOAKS they need to correct the brewery name. Location and beer. It is not a a Double Wheat Beer. It’s name Double BW actually stands for Brian’s Belgian Wild Wheat. Two B’s, Two W’s Double BW. A 4.2% Belgian Wheat with Lemongrass. Would it be any assistance if I popped in? You can say no. Not a big deal.

    Brian Boak

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