Hopped Water from Forgotten Boardwalk

Cherry Hill: Seth from Forgotten Boardwalk sent information about Hopped Water their upcoming NA beverage! Seth says…

Hopped Water! All Bite! No Booze!

Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing Company introduces Hopped Water, a zero alcohol, zero calorie, zero sugar IPA alternative to quench the thirst of hop heads.
From a taste standpoint, Forgotten Boardwalk’s owner, Jamie Queli, took a contemporary approach with a flavor profile designed to resonate with IPA drinkers that combine some of the best fruit-forward aspects of hops while leaving a mild bitterness on the palate. In turn, she created a product that is refreshing, gently bitter, and extremely drinkable.
While it may seem there is not much to the product, Queli states that Hopped Water is much more complicated than it appears at first glance. “I began developing this product in the spring of 2022. It was a long process of understanding hops and how they express themselves in water without malt. It’s also plenty of water adjustments, filtration, pH adjustments, salinity, time, temperature, tank size & shape, carbonation levels, how flavor is scientifically realized, and finally, pasteurization to ensure zero microbial or bacterial growth that a typical beer with alcohol would naturally prevent.”
As to why Forgotten Boardwalk decided to develop it, Queli states that “I wanted to make a zero proof beverage for myself, for my loved ones, for our great customers, and for our soon to be friends that are looking for a crafty new way to enjoy hops.”
There has be an overwhelming demand for non-alcoholic products and zero proof beverages. Forgotten Boardwalk is the first New Jersey craft brewery to be offering a zero proof hoppy beverage to meet thirsty hop-head demand. The rise in the conscious consumer has begun and the sober curious is here to stay. “I wanted to craft a high quality beverage, using high quality ingredients, and give consumers a brand new beverage category.” states Queli.
Hop Water is a brand new beverage in the zero proof category. “It’s such a brand new category that I had a hard time finding other Hop Waters to drink during my research and development. It was difficult for me to discern what profiles I liked or what I wanted to mimic. In the end, I decided that I wanted my Hopped Water to appeal to everyone, not just those looking for intensely bitter beverages”.

Be on the lookout for Hopped Water to land where you can find your other zero proof favorites.
Enjoy Confidently!

More information can be found at at this link.

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