Irish Mile, a quick update

The Irish Mile Westmont

I recently stopped into the Irish Mile in Westmont, NJ, in what has become one of my regular pit stops. The crowd was good and as usual, so was the beer. The was still a very good holiday vibe going on and bartenders, Kevin, GiGi, and Joe were more than up to the task. Irish Mile has a great bar menu as well as some tasty pizzas. Beer reigns supreme as the Mile has 40 beers on tap, and all at budget friendly prices. Take a look at these pics and pay special attention to that massive tap list wall. Those with a keen eye will see the luck of the Irish in one particular photo. I’ll check back at the comments section to see if people can “find” it.  Be sure to stop in and say hi to Ed, Kevin, GiGi, Joe and Alisha and have a few brews.

Irish Mile is located at 350 Haddon Ave., Westmont, NJ 08108 and it is also adjacent to the Westmont train station on the PATCO high speed line. PATCO makes the perfect designated driver, so stop on in!

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